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Perth Fringe World 2012-2013, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2012

In the tale of one greasy man and his undying love for MTV, Mickey LaMar is down-and-out after years of pseudo-success in the music video industry. Now he’s on the hunt for the best booty-shakers and heartthrobs to front his music video talent agency Mickey Lamar's Video Stars.


This one-of-a-kind interactive musical comedy celebrates Gen X and Y’s nostalgia by recreating your favourite music videos live on stage, complete with costumes, props, and back-up dancers, starring you! 

Mickey LaMar’s Video Stars was in an interactive musical comedy that followed the tragic story of New York talent agent, Mickey LaMar, and his demise in the music video industry.  Throughout the show, audience members were called up to “audition” for Mickey by performing classic music videos, assisted by Mickey’s back up dancers, Holly Wood and Paola. We developed the show from a small interactive moment commissioned by Perth Fringe World for the Fringe hub to a full length touring show.

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