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Wandsworth Fringe 2017

Myrtle is a community radio host. She takes calls and shares her thoughts on her show Midnight Musings every Tuesday between 1am and 4am, clocking off just before the infallible breakfast DJs arrive.


It is coming up to her tenth anniversary and she has decided it’s finally time to hang up the headphones. In her honour, the station are throwing a happy-anniversary-and-goodbyeforever party for all her long time listeners at the Cat’s Back pub during the Wandsworth Fringe.

Midnight Musings with Myrtle is the second theatrical collaboration with The Petting Zoo indie pop choir. The relationship formed as a shared desire to make community focussed performance that is immersive and audience centred.


We welcomed the audience into Myrtle’s final show party, complete with cake and a community choir, to listen to Myrtle’s last live broadcast ever.

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