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Perth Fringe World 2014

Winner of the Perth Fringe World Dance Award

Maps, diaries, napkins, passports, receipts, parking fines, movie tickets… where does your paper trail lead? Toyi-Toyi Theatre, in collaboration with Unkempt Dance and Emma Fishwick, presented three short dance works that consider our relationship with paper.

THE SPACE BETWEEN by Toyi-Toyi Theatre

Every year more people traverse the same patterns on the earth, leaving their homelands to find a new temporary place of safety. Inspired by travellers’ maps, media coverage of migration and our own personal stories, we created the space between to explore the history of people crossing borders and our endless search for home. Myself and contemporary dancer Tarryn Runkel devised and performed as a part of the Summer Nights programme at The Blue Room Theatre.

"[Toyi-Toyi Theatre] tackle the issue with compassion and ingenuity... thoughtful and moving" - The West Australian

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